Non-Commercial / General Public

Room Cost
Main hall only £16 / hour
Full kitchen – with gas
(Use of everything, including ovens & hobs)
£52.50 / day
Full kitchen – no gas
(Use of everything, except ovens & hobs)
£26 / day
Limited kitchen
(Use of urn, cups, saucers and small plates only)
£10.50 / day
Children’s party – without kitchen
(The bar area will be unlocked for the use of tap water to make cold drinks only) 
£0.00 / day
Bar & reception area
(Coolers, glasswasher, glasses, freezer for bags of ice)
£52.50 / day

Commercial Profit Making Organisations Only

If your business wishes to book the Main Hall, please email with your requirements, including any additional contact details and Eileen Summerfield will contact you to discuss the booking.

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Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00pm

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